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How to install Lid Lights

Tools needed:

Any kitchen multipurpose or Glass cleaner
Paper towels or cloth towel
Scissors (optional)
Your imagination

Step 1: This product comes with a 9 volt battery.  In most cases, the battery has already been installed and should work immediately out of the packaging.  If the lights do not work out of the packaging, unscrew the back of the battery case and check to make sure the battery is connected.  Once the battery has been connected, close the box, and put the screw back in.  Do not over tighten or you will crack the battery case and void the warranty of this product.  While rare, ​the lights may turn on during shipment and the battery will drain prior to its arrival.  If the lights do not work with the battery it came with, try a new one.      

Step 2: Place the on/off switch to on. Your two LED lights strips should turn on and be bright. All lights on the strip should be working. If not, please contact us for a replacement set of lights. However, all lights are tested prior to shipment and are in working order. If the lights do not work, please re-check the battery to make sure it has been installed correctly. 

Step 3: Clean the top of your helmet thoroughly. Make sure the surface is completely clean and dry.  This is one of the most important steps. The LED lights strips will not stick to a dirty or wet surface.  

Step 4: Chose where you are going to apply the LED light strips. You can place them anywhere you want. However, they will not bend side to side. For the most part, they have to be in a straight line. If the LED light strips are too long, they can be cut. There is a section between every third LED light and looks something like this - :l: - Between the two copper dots there is a line – this is the only area that can be cut. The strips as they come fit most helmets, but you should not have to cut out more than the first three lights at the end of the strip to make it fit your helmet.

Step 5: When you have chosen where you are going to place the strips, peel off the backing on one of the strips and apply to the helmet. Press firmly on top of the strip to ensure a proper seal. Once you have applied the first strip, repeat the process and apply the second strip. Try to get it right the first time, if you need to unpeel and start again, remember this, the more times you unpeel it, the less it will be able to stick.

Step 6: Decide where you want to place the battery box. Peel off the backing and place it on the helmet where you want the battery box to be.   You’re Done.

Frequently asked questions: 

How long does the battery last in your LED helmet lights? We have tested several brands of 9 volt batteries. Typically, if left on and not shut off, the battery will last up to 15 hours. When tested on a daily basis, 2 hours at a time, the batteries lasted almost 2 weeks. Rechargeable batteries vary by brand.  However, for cost concerns, rechargeable batteries are the best value.

What if the lights on my helmet comes off? It is very important to follow the installation instructions provided with the product and located here on the web site. When first applied, the area where the light strips should be clean and dry. Proper installation of the strips should last for years unless tampered with or they are intentionlly removed. If the light strips are removed, they will not stick as good as they did when they were first applied. However, if you get a small can of rubber cement - the kind that has the little brush, and coat the back side of the LED strip, reapply to the helmet and let sit overnight, this should reattach the light system to the helmet. Other types of glue will also work, but may permanently adhere the light strips to the helmet.

Can the LED helmet lights get wet? While they are water resistant, they are not waterproof. If the light strips, battery case or battery get wet, simply dry with a towel and let dry overnight.  Lid Lights are not designed to be submerged in water. Submerging lid Lights in water may cause damage and void he warranty.  If after getting wet, the gel coating on the light strips may appear cloudy, set the helmet out in the sun until cloudiness goes away.

What happens if I drop my helmet with Lid Lights on them? Lid Lights are a very durable product. While care should be taken once applied to the helmet, the LED light strips can absorb light impacts without damaging the LED lights themselves. However, repeated drops of the helmet with the Lid Lights attached will cause damage and void the warranty.


There is a 90 day warranty for Lid Lights for our newest version released in 2016.  If you purchased your Lid Lights from this website and  the lights stop working due to a manufacturer defect, we will replace your Lid Lights at no cost.  However, the non-working lights must be returned to us FIRST.  This warranty applies to manufacturer defects and does not apply to lights that are damaged by the user.  The return policy is for defective products only for the 90 day warranty period.  

IMPORTANT - If YOU, the user, damage or break your lights during any activity, this does not constitute a manufacturer defect and NO FREE replacements will be given.  

Any Lid Lights purchased at a retail outlet or at any other location other than this website, and are deemed to be defective, they must be returned to the place of purchase for replacement.

Our original Lid Lights (ones that are a single color per strip)  purchased on or after 11/28/2016, which were on sale, cannot be returned - even if defective.  They have been discontinued will no longer be in stock.  Once they are gone - they are gone.  

In an effort to provide you with the best materials possible, we have tested several different kinds of adhesive tape to apply the Lid Lights to the helmet.  The adhesive double faced tape used to apply the lights to the helmet is currently the best available for the application.  Unfortunately, this tape does sometimes come off or peel away.  This is not considered to be a manufacturer defect and not a reason for return or replacement.  Manufacturer defects are for the led lights, the light strip, controller and battery box only.  See the above video on how to re-apply the lights if the tape has come off of your helmet.  
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Installation tips and FAQ's for Lid Lights LED light kits

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