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Lid Lights were created in January of 2012. While I am not your typical inventor, the initial idea for Lid Lights came to me as my children were on the ski slopes when they skied at night time for Ski Club.  When I tried to find them, I could not easily locate them as there were 100's of other skiers on the slopes. To solve this problem, I developed the Lid Lights kit to put LED lights on their helmets. When my children turned on their Lid Lights for the first time at night time, they were easily visible at all areas of the slopes. I then realized that this could be used on almost all other types of helmets when people are outside and it is dark.

It was important to me to involve local companies in the assembly, packaging and shipping of the product. The Lid Light kits are partially assembled in Ohio,  packaged in Ohio, shipped from Ohio. The packaging materials are all purchased from companies located within the USA.

We offer the highest quality LED light strips available. Properly installed and taken care of (meaning not dropped or soaked in water), they can last a very long time. 

Please remember, these LED helmet lights are electronic equipment and should be handled with care.


Lid Lights are an aftermarket self-applied light kit intended for use on hard shelled helmets. Do not rely solely upon the Lid Lights product when using at low light times of the day.  Lid Lights were developed to enhance your nighttime visibility and cannot guarantee that others will see you. Take all other appropriate precautions when performing activities at night time. Lid Lights will not be responsible for any injury or loss of property as a result of misuse of the product or using the product for something other than what it is intended.  

If you purchased Lid Lights from anywhere else other than this website, please contact the business from where you purchased them for return information.  


There is a 90 day warranty for Lid Lights - for our newest version only. If the lights stop working due to a manufacturer defect, we will replace your Lid Lights at no cost. However, the non-working lights musts be returned to us FIRST. This warranty applies to manufacturer defects and does not apply to lights that are damaged by the user. We will send you a prepaid shipping label and prior to you receiving your new lights, we must have received the defective ones first. - NO EXCEPTIONS. The return policy is for defective products only for the 90 day warranty period. There are NO refunds - only replacements for defective products.

Single color Lid Lights - which some are still available, cannot be returned - even if defective.  THERE ARE NO RETURNS FOR SINGLE COLOR LID LIGHTS.

IMPORTANT - If YOU, the user, damage or break your lights during any activity, this does not constitute a manufacturer defect and NO FREE replacements will be given. However, if you contact us, send us your broken lights, at your expense, we will let you know how to purchase a new set of lights at a discounted price.

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About us and how we developed our Lid Light products.

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