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Lid Lights are a PATENTED, LED Helmet Light  System, specifically designed to increase night time visibility for people who wear protective helmets for most outdoor activities when used in low light times of the day. These LED Helmet Lights can be easily installed on any type of helmet that has a hard exterior.

Lid Lights can be used on bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, ski, snowboarding, hiking, construction, safety hard hats, or any other type of helmets for which people may use in low light to no light times of the day.

Lid Lights can be easily applied to all helmets which have a clean, smooth surface. Lid Lights LED Light Strips can be cut to accommodate any size helmet.  Lid Lights come with 2 - 12 inch flexible, water resistant LED strips, powered by a 9 volt battery.  

With our light kit on your helmet, it will significantly increase your night time outdoor visibility versus not having any type of lighting or reflective gear at all. 

Applied correctly to the helmet, the Lid Lights system will be visible from the front, sides and rear of the wearer.

Lid Lights have changed over the years.  Our most recent set of lights can change up to 20 different colors and blinking modes with the use of a remote control..  Go to the What are Lid Lights page to see all available colors.

Lid Light kits do not include a helmet, just the LED light strips and battery pack which you attach to your helmet. 
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Lid Lights are
the " Bright " way
 to bike or ski
 at night
Recently, we have had customers report to us that the remote control for the lights becomes "un-paired" and unable to operate the lights (to change the color or flashing modes). Once "re-paired" the remote and lights work fine. The manufacturer has been contacted (in China) and they have no solution for this problem. The light color and flashing mode remain the same at the last setting. 

Due to this problem, we have discounted our lights by 50% until a solution is found - due to the inconvenience of having to re-pair the remote control - if necessary.

Lights purchased at the discounted rate cannot be returned or replaced - unless the lights themselves are defective. 

I really apologize for this problem as it is out of my control.​